Sometimes the Answer to Prayer is "NO"

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Recently I had a great need in my life and I thought I knew exactly what would solve it. I gathered all my faith and with all the humility and sincerity of my heart, I called down the powers of heaven to create a miracle. Things started happening. The pieces started to fall into place. The miracle was on the verge of manifesting. I had hope!! . . . And then... just like that... it fell apart. The miracle never came. . . . I was stunned. I was in shock. My faith was shaken. I questioned myself. I questioned God. Was He even listening? Did He know how much I was struggling? . . . I was reminded of a powerful lesson taught to me by Jeff O'Driscoll: "God does hear and answer our prayers, but sometimes the answer is no." I realized how unfair it was of me to only trust God if His answer was yes. I had to trust Him when, in His infinite wisdom, He knew there was a better way. I remembered the example of the Savior: "Thy will, not my will be done." . . . In trying to make sense of it all, I asked Him, "What about my faith? What about my prayers? What was all that for?" I was taught a profound truth: "Faith is never wasted. Often it is re-directed." . . . I am grateful that a wise Father knows when to tell His child no. I am thankful for the Savior's example to trust in the Father's plan. I still need a miracle, but I am patiently waiting to see what God has in store. I know He will honor my faith. No doubt, that His miracle will be better and wiser than my plan. I trust that. 💜

Photo credit: Karyme França

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