I have been listening to the book Educated by Tara Westover. Empaths beware. This book haunts me and triggers me a little.

Tara's telling of her upbringing is good for us in evaluating our own extremes and improve more towards a balance in life. I am not recommending the book but it has me thinking... a lot.

In the book, she hold a tremendous amount of shame. No one reading the book would think she deserved ANY amount of shame. I was thinking out loud and realized that shame can only be inflicted upon us. It is NEVER acquired or earned - especially body shame. Consider the hypothetical that a person was raised by wolves. They would have no body shame. It wouldn't happen.

If you have felt or feel shame come up in your inner work, get help to release it. It is not yours. It is never, ever warranted.

Shame gets confused with guilt but here is a simple differentiation. If an action can be taken to remedy the "wrong" then you hold guilt. If there seems to be nothing to remedy but change who you are, then you hold shame. Shame was inflicted upon you at some time in your life, but healing can come. Healing can come.

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