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Five Audiobooks to "get woke"

Becoming socially aware, awakening, seeking enlightenment are phrases that are becoming more and more popular. These phrases show up in commercials, comedy sketches and memes of all sorts. The idea behind these phrases is the concept of looking within. We used to say things along the same lines like, "I need to find myself". That meant one was going on a journey of self discovery. In 2020 not only are many of us on the journey but we are actually getting to the destination.

There are many different books that point toward the destination on that journey and today we will highlight five of them. Each author has a completely different style and story but the messages are very much the same "get woke".

get woke

1. A NEW EARTH - Eckhart Tolle

a new earth

Agreed upon by millions, A New Earth is thee book of the awakened. Eckhart's unique take and explanation of what he calls the ego and the pain body are pure genius. His stories are beautiful and because he has experienced a full awakening himself, you trust his understandings. If you read the book you will still hear his calming voice and restful accent among the pages. (Full disclosure, I have to listen at 1.5 speed to keep from mind wandering - proof I still need help staying in the present moment)

2. THE UNTETHERED SOUL - Michael A. Singer

untethered soul

Where Eckhart goes deep and symbolic, Michael is practical and to-the-point. His message of learning to recognize the inner voice that runs constantly and interferes with meaning is a must-listen. The narrator is slightly comedic but whether that is good or bad is hard to say. I would recommend this as a first book to newbies to the concept of awakening. His stories and examples are really easy to follow and you will find that he puts into words many of our common everyday experiences. If the first step to awakening is understanding the ego then this book is a great starting point.

2. THE FIFTH AGREEMENT - don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel ruiz

There is, of course, The Four Agreements by the same author. It is the one most people would recommend and it is a fantastic book. By all means read it too. But, The Fifth Agreement has a scenario so profound I refer to it often (movie theater). His idea that all that we see and feel and know is only real because we agree it is sends my mind to complete wonder. Love it!

don Miguel's books are a how-to in the everyday life of the awakened. It is literally five simple steps. By the end you will see that an awakened life is very doable.


carol tuttle

Tailored toward the spiritual body, Carol helps you remember who you truly are. You are a divine being and are given creative rights in your own life. Her understandings are worth the listen. It's a new way at looking at yourself and the experience living in this physical plane.

She breaks prayer down into simple and easy scripts you can refer back to anytime. I recommend owning the hard copy if prayer scripts intrigue you. But, Carol would say that your prayers are yours and God or the universe is very much able to handle any words you say - speak what you need to say and you can't go wrong.


richard rohr

Again, more toward the spiritual/religious angle but this book is a must for those afraid "awakening" will challenge and conflict with religious faith. Richard is a Franciscan Monk and is very able to keep his faith intact.

I am new to this book but it quickly moved up my list of must listens. It is great to hear him tell his moving and energetic stories in is own voice. He is the poster boy for the millennial grandpa. One can imagine sitting at his feet and instead of tales of walking to school uphill both ways, he encourages you to reexamine what you perceive as hills.

All of these books hold their own kind of magic. Each is one so good that you will refer to them over and over again. Enjoy!

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