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What's in a ZING?

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

The other day someone said something to me and I felt a ZING. It hurt! I took the opportunity to really recognize it. I paid attention when the zing circled back several times during the day and tried to THINK about why it bothered me so much.

The difficult thing was that the comment wasn't completely off. There was truth to the zing and that, I know, is why it bothered me so much. I felt grateful that I had come far enough in my healing that I could see it from an outside perspective and notice the instinctual reaction to push back and reason why this person had no right to say what they said. I'll be honest, it was a choice to not go there and not my natural response.

After moving past the desire to say something back or worse behind their back, I took a lesson from Brene Brown. I got curious. I went into the uncomfortable places and asked questions. I got some insight into the human experience. It was helpful but I couldn't quite get over it as fast as I thought I should.

After some time I came to my senses and got back to what I know. I pulled in the other bodies for help with my thinking. I went to my designated place. I got out my journal and I asked God what this all meant. My answer is completely personal and wouldn't doubt if your answer would be different so I'll keep some of it to myself. But, the part to share was magnificent. I was reminded about the concept of time. Time is an illusion. What that means to me is that time isn't something that means the same to every person. In physics this is a mathematical equation but for everyday purposes think of this scenario. If you are sitting in traffic at a complete stop for 15 minutes and at the same moment of time another person is saying goodbye to a loved one, those 15 minutes (the very same 15 minutes) feel completely different.

With emotional hurts time plays another game. We get hurt in an experience. It happens to all of us. Then, one day, we get a zing. What has happened is that all of the sudden time is erased from the hurt and it is as if that initial hurt just happened. If feels more like a zing because apparently hurt traveling through time equals a zing. (using my best Einstein accent).

I believe zings are part of the physical experience. We can heal from hurts and many times the zings go away but some"time"s they don't. Time is funny that way. The solution is to keep traveling through time and space. Keep having and creating experiences that let you use the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. Having zing experiences hold a place of opposition for wowzer experiences to reference from. Get curious and accept the moment at hand from zing to wowzer.

For an interesting look at the physics of time watch this short video. The time it takes will not be wasted.

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