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1. LIVE A GOOD LIFE Your Permission to Try Less Hard

The Chinese concept “wu wei” means “free-flowing spontaneity or effortless action.” The Japanese word “mushin” literally means “mind without mind.” In Buddhism there’s “spontaneous right action.” The West’s closest equivalent might be “flow.” Perhaps this is what gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson was attempting to help us experience when he instructed “Exterminate all rational thought.” What these states of mind have in common is that they’re not about operating from logic, but from something else. They’re about erasing the line between “being” and “doing” as much as possible. What becomes possible for you then?


2. BE A GREAT COACH A Foolproof Coaching Approach

Here’s a powerful coaching philosophy: help your clients achieve their desired outcomes, whatever they may be, and help them live with the most enjoyable and empowering emotions they can, as easily and often as possible. Allow this philosophy to guide your coaching sessions no matter who you’re talking to, how long you have, what results they want or what stands in their way. Think of every session as an attempt to map the journey between where your client is and where they want to be. Consider this philosophy the parchment on which you draw that map.


3. EARN RECOGNITION AND MONEY How to Set a Conversation Up to Ask for the Sale

It’s common to feel resistance to asking people to buy something, especially when that something is a product or service you’ve created or one you deliver. To eliminate or minimize that resistance, inquire about your potential client’s needs and desires. Ask what results they want in whatever dimension of life your product is oriented. Ask what they have tried in the past and how well it worked for them. Ask what they did or didn’t like about anything they’ve tried. Make this more like a conversation than an interrogation.

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