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Rethinking the "shhh"

Watch this funny video!

I, along with you, couldn't help but smile and giggle at this lil guy. It made me think about my own kids when they were young out on the soccer field or at the park most likely like him in full conversation with themselves. I wished I had thought to mic them up and venture into their world for a time.

It hit me that the boy in the video was four years old and would soon be off to school where he would be taught the all important "shhh". My heart saddened a little as I thought of him unable to explore his world with commentary.

I began to ponder about how in-the-moment he was as he spoke aloud what he was doing and what he was thinking. How present to his emotions he was - his "one two, one two" like a kind of pep talk of sorts. I can imagine that in a year or two this connection with himself changing as he is taught to be quiet, moving from thinking about what IS happening to having to think about what SHOULD be happening. A pivotal difference.

As adults we often have to relearn being in the now. It is been proven crucial to our sense of safety and peace. The present moment is where joy is found and anger and fear are left behind.

The idea of giving ourselves a verbal pep talk is never looked at as appropriate. Maybe we are wrong there? Maybe it's time to rethink the "shhh"? Would a few more years of verbal exploration be the key to a better sense of the self in the world? Maybe.

For now, let's take some lessons from a future Gretzky. Let's live in the moment. When we fall down let's tell ourselves we are going to be okay. When we are tired let's admit we need a nap. And sometimes, after a big workout, let's head to "Ba Donalds" because once in a while a Happy Meal just makes you happy!

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