Your Greatest Tool for Manifesting

I was working on creating a business and there was a point that there was trouble between the builder and the city. We were 95% done with the project and then there were some problems and the delay went on for months. I was so frustrated at all the energy, time and resources that had been put into the project that I became really angry at the project and all the people involved. I felt helpless and was beginning to feel hopeless that it would ever be resolved.

After six months of waiting, one morning in my desperation, I prayed to God and expressed all my frustration and anger. I asked if there was ANYTHING I could do to help this project move forward??? The reply was simple and very unexpected: “Creation is fueled by love.”

Love? Love could help this project? I was caught off guard by this response. I thought we needed permits and approvals and inspections. That was all I had been focusing on. I had not sent any love to the project for months. In fact, all I had felt about the project was anger and frustration for so long that I realized the energy I was sending to the project was very negative. It was 8:00 am. I took some time to turn my heart around and I texted both of my business partners. I asked them to stop whatever they were doing and send love to the project. I invited them to send love to the building, the builder, the city officials, the inspectors, the building crew, the dream of the project, and to any other part of the project they could think of. At 10:30 am that morning, I got a call from the city to say the next phase of the project had been approved. We were no longer stuck and could start moving again.

Love is a force. Love is a literal creation tool in this universe. As you are working to create something new in your life, be it a new relationship, new piece of art, or new business, be sure to love it. Love the dream. Love the people involved. Love the creation process. Love the people your dream will serve. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and when you combine it with your creative dreams and abilities, the sky is the limit!

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