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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Why wholeness?

We are so excited to begin this discussion. We hope to raise awareness to the reality of wholeness through this network. The Wholeness Network is a community of knowledge and growth. It is created to support wholeness of body, mind, spirit and soul.

The symbol of The Wholeness Network is the seed of life. A seed holds the entire intelligent blueprint for life. The seed is the origin of all. This sacred geometric pattern is a symbol of creation. The seven circles are also significant. The number seven is a symbol of completion. Examples are: seven chakras, seven notes on a scale, seven colors of a rainbow, seven days of creation, seven visible planets. We were created whole - with all of the gifts, talents and attributes that we need to get through this life and learn what we came here to learn. Everything we need is already inside of us!

We are whole.

When we first read the definition of wholeness, "the state of forming" seemed a little contradictory. A "state" seemed like a final place and yet "forming" seems like constant change or growth. To say wholeness is the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole, means there is continuous change, growth, and movement involved in wholeness. Continual adaptation and reconfiguring the whole is part of the perfection.

Wholeness includes everything. We must realize that the broken times of our lives are just as important as the good times. Every piece and part of your journey is an important part of the whole - the good, the bad, the success, the failure, the strength, the weakness, the growth.

There are points in our lives when we feel broken or damaged. In those moments we don't feel whole. In fact, according to the second part of the definition, something is not whole if part of it is broken. We have tools available to us when we feel broken that will help us put those pieces together. There are natural gifts of the earth such as essential oils, color therapy, crystals, sound therapy, sunshine, whole foods, and pure water that can help us come back into balance. There are also different types of natural therapy that can help us - Foot Zoning, Cranial Sacral Massage, Reiki, EFT, Emotional Release techniques, Heart Centered Therapy, and so much more. These modalities help us identify what is taking us out of our natural state of wholeness. As we become aware of those problems we can release the negative issues and align ourselves back with our truth. We are then restored to our wholeness. With the growth and learning that has taken place, the whole becomes even greater and more full.

Thomas Merton said: "If a man is to live, he must be all alive: body, soul, mind, heart, spirit." Within each of us are all of these varying components of our lives. We must look at each part to be accountable for the whole. To be aware of the body and mind, but disregard the heart and soul, is only acknowledging part of who we are. Wholeness is also taking accountability for everything that goes in and out of our body, mind and spirit. We have podcasts for every part of who you are to help educate and inspire wholeness in your life.

We hope you will join us in this global movement to restore wholeness to this earth one life at a time. It is your birthright. It is within you. You are whole.

Welcome to the community.

Robin & Mechelle

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