The Hearts of Soldiers

I stood in line one morning in the dining room of a hotel for breakfast behind a few military men in uniform. Within minutes, a few more men in uniform got in line behind me. As we waited in line, my heart began to pound. I have a gift as many do, of feeling the souls of other people. As I sat there sandwiched between these brave military men, I could feel their hearts. Their courage and selflessness, their desire to defend the innocent, and their willingness to sacrifice their lives if necessary, was palpable to me.

I got my food and sat down, unable to eat. More military men and women filled the room and surrounded me at tables. Laughing and talking, eating and preparing for their day, I sat there in amazement watching them. I felt like I was among the great ones. The warriors. The heroes. I was humbled. I was grateful. I hardly moved. With tears streaming down my cheeks, I closed my eyes and just felt the beauty of that moment. I will never forget it. The room filled with 30 or 40 or them and I sat and witnessed their greatness. *

I wanted to do something for them. I couldn't think of anything physical I could do so I put my food away and decided to fast for them and their families that day. It was so little to give, but something I could offer. I found the one who seemed to be in charge and asked if we could speak. I told him through the tears that I had never had such an experience with greatness. I had never felt what I did that morning in their midst. I could feel their hearts, their courage, their integrity. I asked if he could please tell his troops that simply their presence, and the strength of their hearts moved me. *

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