Have You Ever Heard of the Foot Chakra?

Updated: Jan 20

The foot chakra hasn't been talked about as much when it comes to the seven original chakras. It is considered the bottom half or connected to the root chakra.

The foot chakra is located at the bottom of your feet and it is the part of us that actually connect with the earth as we move around in the world. So, every step that you take the earth is literally supporting you and existing for you. When your foot chakra is open and balanced you are better able to receive that support and live in a more grounded way.

The characteristics are similar to the root as far as it is our representing our stability and our place in the world. We each interact with our surroundings differently so my path will look different than yours and making peace with the difference is vital to our wellbeing. For a long time, the energy was all about following a particular path and following a pattern. For whatever reason the energy has changed and now we're bringing our individual patterns and creating a beautiful tapestry together as a whole.

In the energies of the body the right side of the body is connected with masculine energy or yang energy and the left is usually associated with feminine energy or yin energy. Different than male and female, masculine or yang energy is outward and extroverted or big, loud and strong. Yin or feminine energy is usually more introverted. It can be quieter and gentler. It holds an inner power that attracts more than moves outward and seeks after. We need a balance of these in our lives. You may see someone that is too far into their yang energy in traffic or you may see someone too much in their own yin energy when they are called upon to speak in front of a crowd. When we balance these energies, it can really help our experience be more positive and empowering.

I want to share with you a little exercise.

Sit in a comfortable chair and look down at your right foot and stomp the right foot on the ground. As you do this imagine a color rippling out as you stomp your foot. Take note of the color. The color may represent one of the other chakras and may give you use some insight as to where your masculine energy is needed or where it may be out of balance.

Feel the right foot activate – your particular masculine energy. Allow that energy to connect to the earth and imagine the earth supporting your unique energy. Imagine the earth receiving your unique masculine or yang divinity. See the beautiful flow of giving and receiving and take a deep breath.

Moving to the yin energy, stomp left foot. Imagine a color rippling out from the foot. What color is it? What message does your yin energy want to share with you?

Feel the left foot activate and connect with the earth. Imagine the earth receiving your unique feminine or yin divinity. Allow yourself to receive all the support the earth has to bring life and vitality to your feminine or yin energy. See the beautiful flow of giving and receiving and take a deep breath.

Looking at both your feet notice how the earth needs your individual balance of energy. You are meant to be here.

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