A message from Mother Earth

We live at the base of a mountain and there is a fabulous trailhead right above our home. During this COVID crisis I can't believe how many people have come to hike our mountain! It has been so fun to see the street lined with cars as all types of people showing up to hike. As you may also be spending more time in nature, I have a fun activity you can do while you enjoy the great outdoors.

I had a beautiful friend, Gayle Sanford, who taught me to look for heart rocks. Everywhere we went in nature, she could always find a heart rock. Once you start looking for them, it is hard NOT to find one! They are so fun to discover - like a treasure hunt in nature.

My favorite part of the heart rock hunt is actually the next idea Gayle shared. She said, "Whenever you find a heart rock, ask for a message. It has something special to teach you about your heart, your ability to love, or your life." I started doing that and the simple and sweet messages that have come have been AMAZING!!!

One day I was pondering my abilities as a teacher and wanted to find more courage in speaking from my heart! I wanted to TRUST myself and feel more courageous about speaking without notes and trusting my inspiration. It was easy to get caught up in my head! I went on an hour-long hike that looped up into the Farmington Canyon, across the fire break road on the mountain, then I then took a steep trail back to my house. I had been hiking for about 10 minutes when I found a phenomenal heart rock on the side of the road. It was pretty big - about 8" high and 10" across. It was heavy! But I picked it up and admired its beauty! It had a layer of shimmering rock and jagged edges that almost make it look like angel wings! It was uplifting and beautiful to look at. It was so symmetrical! When I asked for a message, I heard that this is what it felt like to hear me speak when I taught from my heart. I thought it was beautiful.

Ask I continued hiking, the rock was heavy so I kept switching it from arm to arm. Ten minutes later, I came across another heart rock! Almost equal in size! This heart rock was different. Instead of curves, the heart had pointy angles. The surface was dark and plain. The 2 sides of the heart uneven. It felt clunky. I asked if the rock had a message for me? The answer made me laugh: This is what it felt like to hear me speak when I taught from my mind.

Oh my! I didn't know it was that bad (haha) and felt sad for my audiences! At that point, I knew both rocks had to come home with me so I would never forget this powerful comparison! The only problem was I still had 40 minutes of the hike to go! I lugged those heavy and beautiful rocks the rest of the way and I knew the pain of carrying them home was to help me never forget the lesson!

I hope you give this a try. Think of it as nature's fortune cookie for you! I hope you will share a picture of your heart rock and message with us. I have a Wholeness Hack on our YouTube channel that tells an amazing message from a heart rock that my 10-year-old son got for me! Anyone can do it! Whether you find a heart-shaped rock or not, be sure to enjoy all the love that Mother Nature has for you as you are out and about! Stay well. Namaste.

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