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Born in the port town of Porbandar in Gujarat, India, my parents and I moved to London when I was ten. I studied in England, undertaking English, French and Politics at college.
I had a long corporate career, working with S&P500 CxOs, winning multi-million dollar contracts. The largest deal I worked on and won as part of a consortium, was one billion dollars. My business career spanned 25 years working with Technology and Financial giants, as well as start-ups. I was among the pioneers in bringing India’s Information Technology services into the heart of British and European financial institutions and blue-chip corporations.

Alongside my corporate career, I also became a life coach and a mentor, leading personal transformation programs to groups of several hundreds at a time.
For my You Tube channel — Self Discovery Channel — I interview global gurus and experts in their field and love creating my own videos that inspire the people to tap into their greatest self.
As an experienced coach, mentor and international motivational speaker, I’ve been leading life-altering programs since 1999, reaching sizable audiences with messages that transform and inspire.
A devoted yoga practitioner, I’m also a certified yoga instructor, accredited by Yoga Alliance.

I’ve studied several Indian and Buddhist spiritual systems and continue to delve into their richness to discover new facets of who we are.
Unveiling the mysteries of the mind, spirit and what it means to be human excites me.

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