You've heard them speak.

Maybe you've even read their book or purchased their classes.

But you've never had a chance like this to dive deep and spend a day learning up close and personal with your favorite experts.

In these one day intensive retreats, these thought leaders will share their newest breakthroughs, their latest ideas to move this planet forward, the message they wish everyone could learn and hear - and you get to be a part of it all.

Join in person with a small audience, or get access to the content once it is filmed. Either way, whether you are learning at their feet, or your feet are propped up on your couch, you will be inspired and uplifted as they take you to a new level of being. 



Pick your favorite expert and purchase your ticket before the event sells out! Limited seating, but unlimited inspiration!

*  *  * 

Dinner ticket with the expert is also available for a limited few.  Treat yourself to an evening of good food, a gift from the presenter and  amazing conversation!



The virtual retreat will be available after the  in person event. You will be able to watch it on demand, and go back for more any time you choose. $79/event

*  *  * 

For those attending an in-person event, you can also purchase access to the digital retreat for that day for an additional $29.


Purchase the whole series 

of in-person retreats and  save  $30 on each event ticket.

Package In person deal: $499

Plus get the virtual retreats FREE!

*  *  *

For the online retreat series,

save $30 per ticket and spend  $249 to enjoy all of our content!

Learn more about the experts

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