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Each ESP system sold makes it possible for a child in need to receive Social Emotional Learning too. Inspiring healthy, hopeful, loving ways as we move from coping, to growing, to creating our own beautiful world of peace and joy. 



Most parents are doing everything in their power to protect their kids and help them thrive. Yet the task feels insurmountable and if the daily news is our report card we are failing at an impossible rate. More and more adults and children are suffering from depression, anxiety, poor health, violence, suicidal thoughts, and emotional, spiritual, or financial poverty. What can be done about this seemingly impossible dilemma? 


Whether a mom, teacher, or caregiver, Emotional Super Powers is designed to simplify your journey to wholeness, body, heart, mind and soul. We’ve done the work of gathering together tried and true resources designed to bring together a culmination of information and tools to help navigate through life’s difficulties. Family patterns of woundedness may keep us stuck in confusion and pain, increasing the probability of the underutilization of the whole brain and heart. When emotional wounds are healed, new perceptions shed light on options.


Watch Principal Denece Kitto share how to use ESP in the classroom


We have four zones in the brain that regulate emotions:
Reptilian (Body), Mammalian (Heart), Neo-Cortex (Mind), Prefrontal Cortex (Soul)



The state of living in scarcity, fear and worry originates in this zone. it's designed to keep us safe and tends to cling to pain, fear, competition or jealousy. These feelings may override feelings of hope, trust, and faith creating more struggle and hindering our ability to work with others. 


Can you forgive easily? See things from a different perspective? Are you less concerned with the letter of the law, allowing people to learn and grow in their own way? Are you working to feel more grounded, more connected to love, beauty, and seeing the goodness in self and others? If so, you're experiencing the fruits of enlightened consciousness. The ability to use your emotional super powers in a mature way show up in this zone and the brain. 


Do you find that your intellect gets in the way of your passion and joy? Are you forever analyzing, things in your head? Do you fail to follow you instinct and intuition? Do you mistrust anything not proven scientifically? Do others accuse you of being disconnected from your feelings and insensitive to the feelings of others, when when you're not trying t be? If so, you are bound to the logical aspect of the neo-cortex and it's time to consider a higher level of thought. 


This zone of the brain operates our ability to give and receive love. It holds the pain of abuse, control and co-dependent relationshIps. To dismantle the heartache of betrayal we must learn and practice new definitions of love. This process allows us to forgive and love in spite of others' weaknesses, establish boundaries to protect from further abuse and gain access to the gain access to the prefrontal cortex which is the process that heals emotional wounds.

Image by Teodor Drobota
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I'm a mother, grandmother, author, teacher, speaker, humanitarian, social entrepreneur and friend. When I started as a early childhood educator was passionate about helping people turn struggles into strengths. The unseen world of emotions has moved from what can be debilitating traps to a tool of growth, creativity and wisdom through my program: Emotional Super Powers. 


I've written many books for children and families. I've received the Covenant Communications Bronze Trumpet Award, 2018, for selling 100,000 books, the Mom’s Choice Award, 2019 for her Emotional Super Powers, and the Noteworthy Award for my short story Angels in Every Storm, 2019. My next visionary step is to produce tools of hope for humanity “If we can teach children who they really are and give them tools to process their dark thoughts and heavy feelings we can help them build resilience before difficulties and afflictions cause disruptive damage. Where painful or harmful events have already taken place, these emotionally healing and inspiring truths empower children to move out of painful darkness and into light.”


This movement began with the same questions you may be asking: How do we keep children safe? How do we build resilience in children? How do we know what’s best for each unique child and their situation? Are the most successful parents lenient or strict? We all feel the urgency of our predicament and many of us are at the same crossroads where our fears, pain and anger over the state of our world have us yearning and reaching for change, yet with deep uncertainty. 

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